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Dr. Sven Groß

Dr. Sven Groß
Address: Institut für Numerische Simulation
Wegelerstr. 6
53115 Bonn
Office: We4 0.004
Phone: +49 228 735548
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Research Projects

Inverse problems
Level Set Methods
Adaptive 3D FE methods for incompressible two-phase flow problems
Cluster of Excellence: Hausdorff Center for Mathematics
Project Area J: High-dimensional problems and multi-scale methods
High-Performance Parallel Computing

Completed Research Projects

XFEM for two-phase flows


[1] J. Adelsberger, P. Esser, M. Griebel, S. Groß, M. Klitz, and A. Rüttgers. 3D incompressible two-phase flow benchmark computations for rising droplets. 2014. Proceedings of the 11th World Congress on Computational Mechanics (WCCM XI), Barcelona, Spain, also available as INS Preprint No. 1401 and as IGPM Preprint No. 393.
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[2] E. Bertakis, S. Groß, J. Grande, O. Fortmeier, A. Reusken, and A. Pfennig. Validated simulation of droplet sedimentation with finite-element and level-set methods. Comp. Eng. Sci., 65:2037-2051, 2010.
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[3] H. M. Bücker, J. Willkomm, S. Groß, and O. Fortmeier. Discrete and continuous adjoint approaches to estimate boundary heat fluxes in falling films. Optimization Methods and Software, 2009.
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[4] M. Karalashvili, S. Groß, W. Marquardt, A. Mhamdi, and A. Reusken. Model identification for transport coefficients in convection-diffusion systems. SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 2009. submitted.
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[5] S. Groß. Numerical methods for three-dimensional incompressible two-phase flow problems. PhD thesis, RWTH Aachen, 2008.
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[6] Y. Heng, A. Mhamdi, S. Groß, A. Reusken, M. Buchholz, H. Auracher, and W. Marquardt. Reconstruction of local boundary heat fluxes in pool boiling experiments along the entire boiling curve from high resolution transient temperature measurements. Int. J. Heat Mass Tran., 51:5072-5087, 2008.
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[7] M. Karalashvili, S. Groß, A. Mhamdi, A. Reusken, and W. Marquardt. Incremental identification of transport coefficients in convection-diffusion systems. SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 3:3249-3269, 2008.
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[8] S. Groß and A. Reusken. Finite element discretization error analysis of a surface tension force in two-phase incompressible flows. SIAM J. Numer. Anal., 45(4):1679-1700, 2007.
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[9] S. Groß and A. Reusken. An extended pressure finite element space for two-phase incompressible flows with surface tension. J. Comput. Phys., 224:40-58, 2007.
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[10] S. Groß and A. Reusken. Mathematik für Tropfen ist alles andere als trocken. RWTH-Themen 2/2007, Computational Engineering Science - Ein neues Ingenieurprofil. pp. 14-17, 2007.
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[11] S. Groß, V. Reichelt, and A. Reusken. A finite element based level set method for two-phase incompressible flows. Comp. Visual. Sci., 9(4):239-257, 2006.
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[12] S. Groß and A. Reusken. Parallel multilevel tetrahedral grid refinement. SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 26(4):1261-1288, 2005.
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[13] S. Groß, M. Soemers, A. Mhamdi, F. Al-Sibai, A. Reusken, W. Marquardt, and U. Renz. Identification of boundary heat fluxes in a falling film experiment using high resolution temperature measurements. Int. J. Heat Mass Tran., 48:5549-5562, 2005.
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[14] C. Terboven, A. Spiegel, D. an Mey, S. Groß, and V. Reichelt. Experiences with the OpenMP parallelization of DROPS, a Navier-Stokes solver written in C++. In Proceedings of the first international workshop on OpenMP (IWOMP 2005), 2005.
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[15] S. Groß. Parallelisierung eines adaptiven Verfahrens zur numerischen Lösung partieller Differentialgleichungen. Diploma thesis (in german), IGPM, RWTH Aachen University, 2002.
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[16] S. Groß, J. Peters, V. Reichelt, and A. Reusken. The DROPS package for numerical simulations of incompressible flows using parallel adaptive multigrid techniques. Preprint 227, IGPM, RWTH Aachen University, 2002.
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Conference contributions

[1] 3D two-phase flow simulations using XFEM,
ECCOMAS CFD2010 - Fifth European Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics, Lisbon, Portugal, June 14-17, 2010.
[2] An extended finite element pair for incompressible two-phase flows,
ECCM2010 - 4th European Conference on Computational Mechanics - Solids, Structures and Coupled Problems in Mechanics (includes minisymposium Meshless and related Methods), Paris, France, May 16-21, 2010.
[3] Pressure XFEM for 3D two-phase incompressible flows: some analysis and numerical results (with Arnold Reusken),
XFEM 2009 - The extended finite element method - Recent developments and applications, Aachen, Germany, September 28-30, 2009.
[4] Pressure XFEM for two-phase incompressible flows with applications to 3D droplet problems,
Fifth International Workshop on Meshfree Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Bonn, Germany, August 17-21, 2009.
[5] Simulation of 3D two-phase incompressible flows: numerical treatment of surface tension,
9th European Multigrid Conference, Bad Herrenalb, October 20-23, 2008.
[6] Simulation of two-phase incompressible flow: discretization and preconditioning,
2nd International Conference on Matrix Methods and Operator Equations, Moscow, Russia, July 23-27, 2007.
[7] Simulation of incompressible two-phase flows: Numerical treatment of surface tension,
Two-phase incompressible flows: modeling aspects and methods for numerical simulation, RWTH Aachen, Germany, June 25-27, 2007.
[8] Estimation of heat fluxes in falling films using infrared thermography,
Workshop PARAOPE, Heidelberg, June 30 - July 2, 2004.

Other Talks

[1] Parallel Multilevel Tetrahedral Grid Refinement and Simulation of Two-Phase Flows,
Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing, Paderborn, December 2, 2004.
[2] Parallele Gitterverfeinerung in DROPS,
Kolloquium über Parallelverarbeitung in technisch-naturwissenschaftlichen Anwendungen, Jülich, June 2, 2003.


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